Kitchen Doula was founded in 2015 and has helped nourish thousands of families as they navigate postpartum, healing, or just the general busyness of life. While the ingredients used in every dish are of the utmost importance, Kitchen Doula also believes that the act of having homemade food brought to you feeds your soul, as well as your body.

Meet Our Founder

Tali is a mom, prenatal yoga teacher, chef, and farmer. She believes that wholesome, delicious food prepared simply, using fresh, high quality ingredients has the power not just to feed the body, but truly to nourish the heart and soul too. After working as a chef at Union Square Cafe in Manhattan and then on various farms in the Northeast, Tali knows the ins and outs of food, from seed to plate. Tali started Kitchen Doula in 2015 after hearing from friends that the food she cooked for them after their babies were born was the best gift they received. Tali had a feeling that other families could benefit from nourishing food during postpartum.

When Tali had her son in December 2021, she experienced this first-hand. Tali still remembers the goulash her mom made her the day she came home from the hospital—the same recipe her grandma had made for her mom when Tali was born. She could feel the hearty stew nourish her body and could feel the love it was prepared with nourish her too. Tali feels honored to help take care of families, whether in postpartum, or in moments of healing, with delicious and wholesome food. 

  • Sylvie Boland

    Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Single Mom by Choice

    Sylvie teaches her clients to experiment with non-conventional healing strategies with curiosity & ease. Sylvie supports you to whimsically discover how to decode your body’s secret language. Sylvie believes that by collecting biofeedback, we can understand what is minutiae & what is critical to achieve radical joy & wellness.

  • Heather DeWolf Bowser

    Medicine Maker, Birth Keeper, Mom of Five

    Heather runs The Moon and Honey Herbal Shop and is the crafter of all of Kitchen Doula's teas and herbal bath soaks. After many years as an organic vegetable farmer, she transitioned fully into growing and making plant medicine, especially centering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Heather is a traditional birth worker who has been serving families choosing wild birth at home for over 12 years. 

  • Amy Remsen

    Holistic Nutritionist, Restauranteur, Mama

    Amy’s intention as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant is to educate and empower people to make informed decisions, thoughtful choices and intentional actions. She views the period of pregnancy and postpartum as an amazing entry point for conversations about the role of nutrition in overall health and wellness (although anytime is the right time!). You can find her working on her circadian rhythms, next to the sea in Mexico. 

  • Jeremy Armstrong

    Executive Chef

    Jeremy is a classically trained chef with more than 15 years of experience. Jeremy enjoys spending time with his husband, Darren and long-haired dachshund, Penny. He also enjoys musical theater, and travel, especially to Hawaii.

  • Eric Corona

    Sous Chef

    Eric has been a part of Kitchen Doula for more than 3 years and works hard to prepare every recipe. He was born and raised in Oakland, is a Warriors fan, and enjoys practicing guitar.

  • Luis Marcelino


    Luis joined the Kitchen Doula team more than a year and a half ago but it felt like he'd always been with us. He loves to watch and play soccer and roots for either Mexico or Barcelona, depending on who is playing.

  • Shelby Tinley-Alvarez

    Operations Manager

    Shelby is responsible for all the packing and organizing that is so essential for Kitchen Doula to run. She is also a filmmaker and loves music and true crime.

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