What Foods Do We Cook?

Whole, nutrient-dense foods not only boost physical strength and energy but also promote restful sleep and help improve mood, essential when you're caring for a new baby or recovering from a hardship. We focus on fresh produce, organically-grown whenever possible, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, and wholesome fats like coconut milk, nuts, olive oil, and butter. The base of all our soups and stews are homemade, long-simmered vegetable stocks and bone broths. While our meals are particularly supportive for new moms and anyone in the process of healing, our food is suitable and nourishing for all eaters.


What Kinds Of Ingredients Do We Use?

All our meals are made from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients. We prioritize local, organic produce and exclusively use meat from small sustainable farms that are committed to humane treatment of animals. Our chicken and pork are always pasture-raised and our beef and lamb are grass-fed. We use very limited sugar and avoid all packaged, processed foods. Read more about our meat purveyor, Cream Co Meats, and our produce purveyors, Greenleaf SF and Cooks Company  and learn about the wonderful local farms they source from!


Why Do We Mostly Make Soups and Stews?

We believe in simplicity, especially when life gets complicated. If you can eat all the nutrients you need in one bowl, why wouldn't you? Hearty, wholesome soups and stews offer a complete meal that is easy to digest. Beyond these practicalities, we believe there is a reason we associate soup and stew with being cared for when we’re sick or needing love. In a world where most of us feel like we never have enough time, a dish that requires a long, slow cooking process is a gift not just of nourishment but of someone’s precious time. There is no dish that is cooked with as much love and patience as a soup or stew, and we believe you can feel that with every warming bite. Although we love cooking all types of dishes and you’ll see some entrees, side dishes, snacks and drinks on our menu, soups and stews are very much at the heart of our menu and still our favorite things to cook and eat.


Why Do Most Products Come Frozen?

We make our menu items and immediately freeze them, so that you are under no time pressure to eat what you receive. Because we know that support after a baby comes or other challenges can sometimes be sporadic, we hope that having a freezer full of nourishing Kitchen Doula soups and stews can be a comfort, knowing you'll never be forced to order take-out because you have nothing else on hand.