Ways To Give The Gift
Of Kitchen Doula

  • Give a Gift Certificate For a Dollar Value: gives your recipient the most choice

  • Send a Package Directly: just have food show up at their door!

  • Give a Gift Certificate For a Package: let your recipient customize their package & choose their delivery date

  • Add Kitchen Doula To Your Registry: let your community know that they can help you stay nourished

Please make sure that your gift recipient lives within our delivery area (CA, AZ, NV, UT, OR, WA) before sending them a gift card. If they are outside the SF Bay Area, please note that we only ship our packages so you may want to choose a gift card for a package (or a minimum of $175 to cover the cost of our smallest package + shipping). If you want to send a gift to someone elsewhere in the US, email us and we'll let you know what the options are.

Send A Package Directly

If you want to make things as simple as possible for your loved one, just send them a package directly. You'll customize the package and choose when to have it delivered. Please make sure that your recipient will be home and able to receive your gift on the date you select.

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Gift Cards For Packages

Let your loved one know you've gotten them the perfect gift for whatever is going on in their life! They will be able to customize the package and choose the delivery day that works best for them but won't have to worry about anything else. The gift certificate is priced to cover the cost of the package itself, gift packaging, and delivery or shipping.

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Giving a gift to a new mama? Add something special for baby too! A handmade, personalized fabric hanging with baby-friendly images makes the sweetest gift. Each one is totally unique and made by Tali's mom! Be sure to click the button if you want to personalize it. Please note that the fabric hangings (and orders containing them) require a one week lead time to make.

Add Kitchen Doula To Your Registry or Meal Train

It's a great idea to let your community know that they can support you with nourishing food. You can do this by listing Kitchen Doula gift cards or packages directly on your baby shower registry or giving it as an option on your meal train. And remember, meal trains aren't just for new parents! Here is some sample text you can use in an email:

Dear friends & family,Thank you so much for supporting us through [postpartum, healing, etc.]! We would love to harness your support to stay well-fed but we know cooking for another family isn't always easy. If making us a meal and dropping it off doesn't work for your schedule, please consider gifting us with food from Kitchen Doula. They prepare homemade, nourishing food specifically for [postpartum/healing]. You can purchase a gift card or send us something from the menu. If you're signing up for a meal train and our Kitchen Doula food doesn't arrive on the exact day you signed up for, don't worry about it! We'll be happy to receive it any time. Thank you for all your love, we know we will feel it with each bite!