Partner Spotlight: hey freya

Partner Spotlight: hey freya

We love partnering with cool small companies, especially if they are run by women with women's well-being as their mission! We are featuring Quench electrolyte mix from hey freya in our Mother's Day Drinks of Me Bundle. Read more about this cool company:

hey freya is a women’s wellness brand in pursuit of better care by providing clean solutions that provide the energy and rest necessary for collective liberation.

hey freya combines the very best vitamins and minerals with plant-based and evidence-backed naturopathic medicine, all uniquely designed for women. Our core products include powerful multivitamin and mineral supplements with added herbs to counter stress, daily supplements that bring calm, and sleep support without the addition of hormones like melatonin. 

QUENCH is a science-backed and antioxidant-packed electrolyte hydration mix uniquely designed for women. 

Hydration is not just drinking enough water; it’s about the right balance of water, electrolytes, salt, and sugar. Based on the World Health Organization-approved formula for oral rehydration, QUENCH is packed with evidence-backed antioxidants like Vitamin C and Astaxanthin (a natural superfood algae that is 500x more powerful than Vitamin C), and includes magnesium bisglycinate, for a better-for-you water, optimal hydration, and renewal.

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